While revenues have dropped during the pandemic, the STM is considering cutting service in 2022 to address budget shortfalls. These cuts would discourage people from returning to public transportation when we need it most.

STM service is already less than it should be in many circumstances. Buses are overcrowded, uncomfortable, not as reliable as they should be and wait times are already far too long on many routes. Much more needs to be done to encourage people to switch from their cars to this mode of transportation. Cutting service would be a major setback.

Instead of making cuts, Quebec should invest in public transit and improve and expand service. It should abolish user fees and encourage rather than discourage the use of public transit.

It is amazing how our municipal and provincial governments can spend so much time talking about the environment and yet do so little to do the most basic things to reduce our emissions.


Alex Tyrrell

Leader of the Green Party of Quebec



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