Green Mentality

Alex Tyrrell meets Cuba's Consul General

This week, I met Cuba's Consul General in Montreal, Susana Malmierca Benitez, at an event organized by the Mouvement Québécois pour la Paix. In my speech, I stressed that the sanctions imposed on Cuba, the American blockade that prevents...

Alex Tyrrell visits McGill's pro-Palestinian camp

On Tuesday April 30, the leader of Quebec's Green Party visited McGill University to support a student encampment demanding an end to McGill's support for Israeli companies and organizations. "As a Montrealer,...

Green contingent at Earth Day 2024

The Green Party was present at last Sunday's demonstration to regain control of our energy future. Political inaction can no longer be tolerated, and it's high time we took action to protect our beautiful planet... The environment is the legacy we leave to future generations, and it's...

Alex Tyrrell meets with Mouvement Québécois pour la Paix

In this conversation, Jad Kabbanji introduces the Mouvement Québécois pour la Paix (MQP) and explains its commitment to Canada's exit from NATO. He talks to Alex Tyrrell about the MQP's organization and structure, as well as its values, which focus on...

The Struggle for Non Binary Rights in Quebec

In this episode of La Mentalité Verte, Alexe Frédéric Mignot, an activist for the rights of non-binary people in Quebec, discusses the importance of gender identity and the recognition of the X marker on official documents with Alex Tyrrell. Mx Mignot stresses the importance of preserving...

EXPOSED: Canada's shocking role in the Gaza genocide ft. Yves Engler | A must-see!

In this episode, Alex Tyrrell discusses the situation in Palestine with renowned author and activist Yves Engler. Topics covered include Canada's role in supporting genocide, the complacency of the Canadian media, the legal ramifications of supporting genocide, the response of the...

Should POLITICAL DONATIONS BE BANNED IN QUEBEC? Interview with Jean-Sébastien Dufresne

In this episode, Alex Tyrrell discusses the debate over political party financing in Quebec with democracy expert Jean-Sébastien Dufresne. They discuss François Legault's proposal to ban political donations and the pros and cons. They stress the importance of maintaining...

Living in a toxic city in Quebec - Interview with Samuel Touchette from Rouyn-Noranda

The city of Rouyn-Noranda is facing a serious arsenic contamination problem caused by a smelter. The situation has been going on for years, and arsenic levels are well above standards. In this discussion, Samuel Touchette, a construction worker living near the smelter, talks to...


Fairview Forest: Alex Tyrrell welcomes activist Geneviève Lussier and mayor Tim Thomas

The first episode of the EcoMindset podcast is devoted to the Fairview Forest, a large forest on Montreal's West Island that is threatened by development. Alex Tyrrell talks to Geneviève Lussier, of the Fairview Forest citizens' group, and Tim Thomas, mayor of Pointe-Claire. The...

The Quebec Greens congratulate Prince Edward Island's new Green MNA.

Congratulations to Matt MacFarlane who was just elected to the PEI legislature in a by election! He will now be the third Green Party MLA in the province along with interm PEI Green leader Karla Bernard and former leader Peter Bevan-Baker! Nice work PEI Greens!

The future of education: Interview with the Fédération des profs de Montréal

In this program, Alex Tyrrell discusses the teachers' strike with Catherine Beauvais-St-Pierre, president of the Fédération des profs de Montréal. Topics include working conditions, special needs students, teacher pay, and the Legault government's attitude to the great need for education....