Green Party denounces the flip-flop by Daniel Breton and the Parti Québécois

The Canadian Press: The position taken by the co-founder of the Green Party of Quebec in 2001 has aroused the ire of the current leader of the political party, Alex Tyrrell.

“We are extremely disappointed by what happened with Daniel Breton. I can’t put myself in his shoes, but obviously, we think it’s really a major shift he’s made,” he said in a telephone interview with The Canadian Press.

Daniel Breton and his PQ colleague Scott McKay, who led Quebec’s Green Party from 2006 to 2008, “are following the party line very, very closely,” Tyrrell said.

“One would have thought that when they joined the Parti Québécois, there would have been points with which they would have disagreed and that they would have expressed it, but we see that they are doing exactly the opposite. They support the government’s position 100%, even though it is really going in the same direction as the Liberal Party”, he added.

Premier Pauline Marois announced on February 13 an investment of $115 million in two projects to confirm the oil potential on Anticosti Island.

The oil believed to be found in the island’s subsoil is shale oil, which is brought up through hydraulic fracturing, a controversial technique that involves injecting high-pressure chemicals into the ground to extract the valuable liquid.

By joining the oil exploration project on Anticosti Island, PQ MP Daniel Breton assures that he is not renouncing his environmental convictions. His main opponent in Sainte-Marie – Saint-Jacques, Manon Massé, from Québec solidaire, thinks the opposite and believes that


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