On Wednesday, on the eve of a strike by more than 120,000 students across Quebec, the Ministry of Education openly suggests that university rectors "expel two or three students every day".

The Ménard Commission on the events of spring 2012 severely criticized the government of the day for its refusal to engage in dialogue and its arrogance towards student associations.

"This year, Minister Blais is making the same mistakes as the Charest government," said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Quebec Green Party. "The idea of trying to silence student leaders with institutional sanctions, applying arbitrary arrests, not preventing police violence and propagandizing in the mainstream media is a totalitarian plan unworthy of a free and democratic society."

"Minister Blais is being inconsistent. One day he's encouraging students to express themselves in their general assemblies concerning the strike, and the next week he's ordering rectors to systematically expel the organizers of these same assemblies," said Catherine Lovatt-Smith, deputy leader of the Quebec Green Party.

"The Couillard government must show openness towards student associations and civil society. Minister Blais' behavior is unacceptable. This is why the Quebec Green Party is calling for his resignation," concluded Mr. Tyrrell.


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