Today I launched my campaign in the Roberval by-election!

This by-election represents the first time in our party’s 34-year history that voters in Roberval will have the opportunity to vote green at the provincial level. I am therefore very proud to be the first green candidate to run in the riding of Roberval. Our party tripled its support in the last election. We are growing and we wish to offer the people of Lac Saint Jean the opportunity to be part of this Green wave. I am running in Roberval to explain The Quebec Green Party’s « New Green Plan » to the locals, to listen to the concerns of the population and to establish the base of our party in the region in preparation for the 2022 general election.

At the local level, I wish to promote the benefits of the reform of the voting system for the region. During the election campaign, Premier Couillard stated many times that reforming the voting system towards a mixed member proportional system would be disadvantageous for the region. Nothing could be further from the truth. Under a proportional system, the people of the region would be represented by more than one member of Parliament and more than one political party, which allows for even faster progress on issues. Furthermore, the parties that signed an agreement to implement proportional rep have committed to not reducing the political weight of the regions. A proportional voting system is a win-win situation for everyone.

This is my tenth campaign for a seat in the National Assembly since 2012. I am more determined than ever to advance ecology, social justice and the Green Party of Quebec on the provincial scene. Through this campaign, I will propose a series of progressive ideas to the population. Several announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

I invite all those who wish to join our movement to register on our website.

Together, we will change Quebec!

In solidarity,

Alex Tyrrell
Candidate in Roberval
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec–FImp9-REvGxIFIBnfJsfgypWCLf94YMQ7hApyghSNZh-7sOsRjWvUQrd51I13C9Ic4DkMTfzoieUwoCoOLJpuXFy_Fy3pFOjdzr17rU2R2K9xrVDUIq0T4H0t77obBhUQaze8yBBkFFpsWX8DhR5GTKlPE8qKoX5FqslbgYRODGaoJIeX_K2Zi&__tn__=-R




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