- Luc Fernandez's resignation and the Plante administration's environmental record -

Earlier today, the Mayor of Plateau Mont-Royal announced his resignation from Valérie Plante's administration due to the city's lack of concrete action on climate change and environmental issues.

Although the Plante administration has taken several steps in the right direction since its election, notably with a 16% increase in the STM's bus fleet, its actions are not enough to achieve the Paris Agreement targets.

The Projet Montréal Party was founded, as its name suggests, to transform Montreal. It's not with half measures that we're going to achieve this grand project, but with measures that are today considered "radical" by some.

In recent months, the administration and the mayor have been promoting a green image while defending the status quo on many issues. For example, during the student climate strike on March 15, Valérie Plante published a video in which she supported the students' strike, while highlighting the achievements of her administration. While I have enormous respect for the mayor, this statement seems pretentious. She doesn't seem to understand that students and the environmental movement are protesting against the political class's inaction and lack of ambition in the face of climate change. In short, she's also targeted by this strike, but either doesn't realize it, or is applying a communications plan to pull herself up by her bootstraps. At present, Montreal is by no means a leader in the fight against climate change.

Although Projet Montréal seems to have already fulfilled many of its electoral commitments on the environment, everyone agrees that we need to go further... much further. Projet Montréal has good intentions, but lacks ambition.

The departure of long-time environmentalist Luc Fernandez should be the start of a major debate within Projet Montréal. This party should go beyond its electoral commitments to the environment. 16% additional buses or an office to "study" the pink line are measures that don't measure up to the scale of the problem. We need real leadership, and we need it now. The whole city is counting on Valérie Plante to take action on the environment now!

Mr Fernandez's resignation reminds us of Mr Hulot's last summer, and both are proof of the lack of urgency and radicalism within current governments in the fight against climate change. While I always encourage environmentalists to get actively involved in politics, I understand the frustrations of these political players.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec



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