We arrived in Edmonton and I had time to reflect on what we saw during our three-day tour of the Alberta oil sands; they're disgusting.

For far too long, we have allowed this massive industrial project to develop unchecked. We've allowed the industry to operate with virtually no environmental regulations, no respect for air quality, no respect for aboriginal rights, animal habitats or the health and safety of its own workers.

Each and every one of us, as Canadians, has a responsibility to do everything we can to stop this ongoing environmental catastrophe. If we don't act now, future generations will find themselves in a zone of massive sacrifice, an economy directly dependent on environmental destruction, and hundreds of billions of dollars in environmental debt.

We simply cannot allow this nightmare to continue. I return from this visit with memories that will last a lifetime, and I am more determined than ever to continue my work to fight the tar sands and the oil industry as a whole. We are in crisis and we need leadership. Join me as I continue to defend a clean environment, social justice and aboriginal rights.

In solidarity,

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec



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