Good news! The Green Party of Canada's position on the oil sands has changed!

The official platform released today cancels the party's long-standing support for the construction of new oil sands refineries. The document also makes no mention of transporting oil from Alberta to Eastern Canada, and the party now pledges to close the tar sands by the year 2035! What a victory!

Thanks to all Party members Green who spoke out to make these changes happen! Together we succeeded!

These policy changes are a step in the right direction and I am delighted that Elizabeth May and her team have listened to party members and the environmental movement on these very important issues.

The PVC now opposes the construction of refineries, the transport of tar sands oil to Eastern Canada and the continuation of tar sands extraction beyond 2035. While I and many environmentalists would have preferred a stronger commitment to ban tar sands development in a first mandate of Green governance, we have made great strides in reforming the CVP's policies on what is Canada's greatest environmental disaster.

The previous policy called for the oil sands to be maintained and exploited beyond the year 2100, in addition to the investment of public funds in the construction of new oil refineries and explicit support for the transportation of oil from Alberta's oil sands to Eastern Canada. These policies are now a thing of the past, and we can be proud of the work we accomplished together!

Those of you who follow my politics know that I've been very active on this issue in recent months. I've spoken out, I've denounced, I've visited the tar sands in person and I've rallied Greens from across Canada to denounce our party's support for the tar sands. The current policy is a vast improvement over the previous one, and would never have seen the light of day had members not spoken out as we did.

What I find unfortunate about the whole affair is that, despite her change of position, Elizabeth May repeatedly tried to damage my credibility by saying that I hadn't read the program. Instead of seeking to reconcile our two points of view, Elizabeth May refused all my invitations to dialogue and tried to discredit me in the national media, before finally adopting almost all the policy changes we had advocated. Things could have been settled differently.

Politics can be unhealthy. Especially when you do it while refusing to compromise on fundamental values. I knew this all along, and today I'm more determined than ever to keep moving forward, working with progressive Green Party members from coast to coast to make the Green Party of Canada a truly eco-socialist, progressive, feminist and inclusive organization.

Together, there's no limit to what we can achieve!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this victory! 💕

In solidarity,

Alex Tyrrell B.Sc. Env
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec


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