Green Party of Quebec leader Alex Tyrrell issued the following statement in response to the Kanehsatake hunger strike by Al Harrington as it enters its 14th day.

"We call on the Legault government to implement a short term moratorium on development of the Kanien'keh home lands in Kanehsatake and to immediately pursue a Nation to Nation dialogue with the Rotinonhsesháka.

Over the years, the encroachment of developers on Kanehsatake land combined with the continuation of colonial policies designed to eliminate or assimilate indigenous peoples in Kanehsatake and beyond have led to division, tensions, protests and now a hunger strike. It's time for the governments of Quebec and Canada to enter into meaningful negotiations in good faith and to reverse the colonization process. That includes dialogue, negotiations and obtaining consent from traditional indigenous government institutions such as the Kanehsatake Longhouse. 

Reconciliation is not just a talking point. Apologies are not enough. It's time to take meaningful steps to correct current and historic injustices in Quebec and Canada that are rooted in racism. "

Alex Tyrrell visited Al Harrington in Kanehsatake on October 20th. He also condemns the intimidation of Al Harrington and his supporters by the provincial police.

"Flying helicopters over the site of this peaceful protest on a daily basis at low altitude is an unnecessary escalation. It's an act of intimidation that will be counterproductive in resolving these issues " said Tyrrell.


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