I strongly condemn the RCMP's blockade of Wet'suwet'en traditional territory in British Columbia and the colonial system that led to this unjust injunction, which is a huge step backwards for reconciliation in Canada. I call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to personally intervene to stop this RCMP operation on Wet'suwet'en traditional territory.

Canada, Justin Trudeau, the Government of British-British Columbia and John Horgan should recognize traditional aboriginal institutions and their right to veto extractivist and other development projects on their territories. Consultation is not consent. The hereditary chiefs have spoken, and Canada does not have their consent to proceed with this pipeline.

Despite what the courts have decided about the injunction, both Justin Trudeau and John Horgan have the power to stop this destructive colonial project that will increase Canada's GHG emissions and fossil fuel consumption while damaging our relationship with Aboriginal peoples during what everyone agrees is a climate emergency.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec
Candidate for the leadership of the Canadian Greens

Alex Tyrrell's speech starts at 7:00 min:




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