The GPQ wants the Horne Foundry to close


The Green Party of Quebec wants the Horne smelter to close if it is unable to comply with current Quebec standards.
While in the region, its leader, Alex Tyrrell, found it distressing that the Horne Smelter was authorized by the last Liberal government to emit up to 100 nanograms per cubic meter of arsenic, when the standard is set at three.
He says the health of the people of Rouynordia must be taken into consideration in all government decisions.
"The Green Party of Quebec is here to support the citizens. There is not a day that goes by when people can breathe clean air. All the air in the city is polluted. The company doesn't care about these people. They promise us business, like investments and better technologies. In my opinion, this company has already had too many chances," says Alex Tyrrell.


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