The GPQ presents Jamie D'Souza, candidate in Rosemont


Montreal, August 18, 2022 - Quebec Green Party Leader Alex Tyrrell spoke in Montreal on Thursday, August 18, to introduce Jamie D'Souza as the Green Party's official candidate for the 2022 provincial election in the riding of Rosemont. Together, they took a public stand on important provincial issues such as waste reduction and reuse in Quebec, as well as raising awareness of the landfill problem. The Green Party believes that Quebec has everything to gain by investing in the recovery of organic materials, but also in recycling infrastructures in order to promote the circular economy, local jobs and a responsible environmental policy.

The leader of the Green Party of Quebec took the opportunity to add details on the party's position on the landfill of textile materials in Quebec. "There are hundreds of tons of clothing that are landfilled each year in Montreal, and to treat these clothes. It takes manpower and the clothes have to be treated, washed, put back on sale or given away. The Green Party of Quebec proposes to have government-subsidized centers that process used clothing, reuse it and give it away for free," said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec.

The Green Party of Quebec also supports major public investments in recycling infrastructure. The party's goal is to completely eliminate the export and landfill of recyclable materials. To achieve this, the Green Party of Quebec will nationalize the Quebec recycling industry and implement an eco-tax on certain industrial materials. In addition, a deposit system will be implemented to encourage the population to reduce the amount of waste while financing the recycling industry. A new, more complex sorting system will be created to separate the different recyclable materials and avoid the contamination that makes some materials non-recyclable or more difficult to recycle. The party will invest in the recycling industry in both northern and southern Quebec, while improving the recycling capacity of textile waste, which is currently landfilled or sent abroad. "The Green Party of Quebec proposes to finance the nationalization of the recycling system, but also the treatment of waste with an eco-tax that would be applied to members. People buy the products and pay the recycling fees. This is something very important if we want to reduce the landfill of recyclable materials in Quebec," said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the party.


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