Green Party denounces partnership between Lockheed Martin and the University of Sherbrooke


Montreal – The leader of the Green Party of Quebec adds his voice to those of Solidarité Estrie, the Student Federation of the University of Sherbrooke (FEUS) and the Regroupement étudiant de maîtrise, diplôme et doctorat de l’Université de Sherbrooke (REMDUS) in opposing the research partnership between the UdS and the military giant Lockheed Martin.

“The Green Party of Quebec opposes the presence of the military-industrial complex in Quebec and denounces the partnership between UdS and Lockheed Martin. This company is actively involved in the cycle of endless war in the world. Quebec should be a zone of peace and our universities should have more rigorous ethical codes that prohibit military research in our universities in Quebec,” said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec. “UdS is far from the only university in Quebec involved in this type of violent partnership. Since 2019 we have been calling for a public inquiry into the presence of arms manufacturers in Quebec and a societal debate on the involvement of companies in Quebec in the endless cycle of global war.”

In 2021 Alex Tyrrell undertook a tour of war factories in Quebec. At each factory he demanded their closure while proposing a job guarantee for workers in the energy transition. This tour included a speech in front of the Lockheed Martin plant in Saint-Laurent where fighter jet engines are serviced. He also called for the closure of Héroux Devtek in Longueuil during the Marie-Victorin by-election for their contribution to the F18 fighter jets in addition to the General Dynamics munitions plants in Valleyfield and Quebec City.


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