Green Party of Quebec leader Alex Tyrrell joined local residents and environmentalists at the 100th weekly protest to save the Fairview Forest and wetland in Montreal's West Island. The forest is one of the last remaining large green spaces in the area and plays a critical role in maintaining biodiversity.

For the past four years, activists led by Genevieve Lussier and her allies have been protesting and advocating for the forest. Their dedication and determination have not gone unnoticed, and significant progress has been made. Last year, Tim Thomas was elected as mayor of Pointe-Claire on a pledge to protect the forest. He has been protesting to save the forest before being elected and was there with them at the protest.

Despite having a minority in the city council, Mayor Thomas has demonstrated strong leadership on this issue. However, the developers at Cadalac Fairview remain determined to destroy the forest in the name of profits. The provincial and municipal environmental policies that fail to protect wetlands and urban green spaces have empowered these developers.

The Green Party of Quebec is committed to supporting the local residents and environmentalists in their fight to protect the Fairview Forest. The party believes that if strong pressure from the grassroots continues to be applied, reason will prevail, and the forest will be saved from the greedy and ruthless developers.

The Fairview Forest is home to many species of plants and animals, and its preservation is critical to maintaining biodiversity in an increasingly developed part of Montreal. The fight to save the forest continues, and the Green Party of Quebec will stand in solidarity with the activists until the battle is won.


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