The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, and the party's candidate in the Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne by-election, Jean-Pierre Duford, expressed their gratitude to the voters of the riding and their commitment to the electoral process.

In a statement, Alex Tyrrell thanked Jean-Pierre Duford for his commitment and hard work throughout the campaign, representing the Green Party on the streets, at citizens' meetings and in the media. He also expressed his gratitude to the volunteers and voters who supported the Green Party in this by-election. The party leader noted that although the riding has long been considered a Liberal stronghold, this campaign has helped to raise awareness of the Green Party's eco-socialist vision through clear, accurate and demanding political posters. The Greens also congratulated Guillaume Cliche-Rivard of the Québec Solidaire party for his victory and his support for social justice.

Jean-Pierre Duford also congratulated Guillaume Cliche-Rivard and the entire Québec Solidaire team for their important victory. He expressed his support for social justice, as well as his willingness to continue to fight for the issues of ecology and biodiversity.

The Green Party of Quebec emphasized the importance of the Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne by-election as an opportunity for voters to engage in a debate on the issues they care about, and to support progressive values and sustainable environmental policies. The party also reiterated its commitment to continue fighting for the environment, social justice and a sustainable future for Quebec.



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