The CAQ government has no intention of contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases


It's rather misleading for a government that managed to get 90 seats elected to the National Assembly to have no long-term vision for rebuilding our road network and investing in public transit. Nor does the CAQ government have any intention of contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. This government has only a short-term solution to offer Quebecers when it comes to transportation and sustainable mobility.

The Île-aux-tourtes bridge should be rebuilt with two lanes reserved for buses and one for the REM linking the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region to the island of Montreal.The third link between Quebec City and Lévis should be a multifunctional infrastructure that gives priority to public transit and facilitates traffic between the two cities. 

The demands for reconstruction of the Île-aux-tourtes bridge and for a third link between Quebec City and Lévis were very clear. The figures speak for themselves. The demands of our elected municipal officials were very clear. Quebecers need a long-term solution, not a short-term band-aid. We need to invest in our roads and our public transit system. This government must start recognizing the facts and ignoring its fictitious ideas that don't meet Quebecers' needs.

  Band-aid solutions won't help Quebecers reduce commuting times and greenhouse gas emissions. As I said during my 2022 election campaign in Soulanges, mobility should be simple, efficient and comfortable.

 Even without a seat in the National Assembly, we'll always stand up for what's best for Quebecers and the environment.

Kristian Solarik                                                                                                   

Spokesperson for transportation and sustainable mobility
Former candidate for Soulanges 2022 riding


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