Mélissa Arbour Education spokesperson


Passionate student and former CEGEP literature teacher Mélissa Arbour decided to get involved in politics with the Green Party of Quebec, hoping to make a difference in the Papineau riding. Having always been involved in various student associations during her school years, she decided to take the plunge into politics to help the green movement gain a firmer foothold in Quebec.


Convinced by the party's values, particularly those of ecology and environmental protection, she decided to get involved at the provincial level to bring about significant change in her community. Very much in tune with the party's platform on social justice and education, she has chosen to represent the party as education spokesperson.

As spokesperson for the shadow cabinet on education, Mélissa intends to take part in public debates on education to defend the positions of the Green Party of Quebec. She would also like to see free education introduced throughout Quebec as soon as possible, so that education is no longer a question of money, but accessible to all. She intends to collaborate with key players in the field of education, to develop partnerships and joint initiatives in favor of sustainable education. More generally, Mélissa would like to see the education system improved to give those who so desire easy access to accessible, quality education and services throughout Quebec.


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