Montreal - The Green Party of Quebec strongly condemns the multiple massacres in the Gaza Strip carried out by the Israeli regime with the support of the United States.

We fully support South Africa's application to the International Criminal Court to have the genocide recognized, but we can't wait - the situation is atrocious and active. Every day, innocent civilians and children in the Gaza Strip are brutally killed by the Israeli army, whether by bullets, air strikes, hunger, lack of water or any other form of brutality. Israel's actions are unacceptable.

The words used by Israeli ministers are genocidal; they aim to dehumanize the Palestinian people. How can the United States support a regime that compares human beings to animals? A regime that commits war crimes and has no respect for life, for human suffering and for the existence of its neighbors?

Since 2016 the Green Party of Quebec has been calling on Canada to impose diplomatic and economic sanctions on the State of Israel to pressure the regime into respecting the fundamental rights of their neighbors. Not only has Canada not listened to us, they have provided weapons and political support to the regime.

The fact that Canada was among the last countries to call for a ceasefire is a disgrace to every Canadian. The fact that the Quebec government still does not support a ceasefire is a disgrace to the nation. Through Premier Legault's words, we are helping to legitimize an active genocide. Is this the role Quebec should be playing on the international stage? For us, the answer is obvious.

The international community must denounce Israel's actions and remove its military capabilities before more lives are lost.


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