⁃ Judgment of the International Court of Justice -
This morning, the ICJ handed down a provisional judgment stating that it is quite possible that Israel is actively guilty of the crime of genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.
Although the final verdict is still pending, the panel of 17 judges expressed concern about the possibility of genocide. Under these circumstances, Canada must withdraw its support for Israel in this rapidly escalating war. We must halt arms shipments to Israel, impose economic sanctions and use all diplomatic channels to urge allied countries to apply similar measures.
Canada cannot afford to be associated with accusations of genocide. We are supposed to be a voice for world peace. Instead, our political establishment actively supports brutal colonial violence.
To make matters worse, Canada has joined the U.S.-led bombing campaign in Yemen, where armed groups are targeting commercial shipping to put pressure on Israel to stop the killing of Palestinians. Instead of seeking de-escalation by calling Israel to order, the Trudeau government and the Biden administration are expanding the war and dragging in other countries.
There is a way to bring peace to the Middle East. Withdrawing military and political support from a genocidal regime that we have armed and supported for decades would be an excellent first step.
Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Quebec Green Party


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