EXPOSED: Canada's shocking role in the Gaza genocide ft. Yves Engler | A must-see!


In this episode Alex Tyrrell discusses the situation in Palestine with renowned author and activist Yves Engler. Subjects explored include Canada's role in supporting genocide, the complacency of Canadian media, the legal ramifications of supporting genocide, Canada's response to the conflict, and the weakening pro-Israel consensus in Canadian politics. This conversation delves into the issue of arms exports and permits, the indoctrination and recruitment of young Canadians, the lack of legal action against Israeli military recruitment in Canada, the corruption of the charity system, the promotion of genocide, and the need for mass mobilization and activism. The conversation also discusses the confrontations with politicians and the response of the Quebec political class to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

To remember

  • The situation in Palestine is dire, with increasing Israeli violence and continued theft of Palestinian land. * Canada plays a role in supporting genocide through political, economic and arms exports to Israel. * Canadian media have been complicit in whitewashing genocide and demonizing Palestinian voices. * There are legal ramifications for supporting genocide, but politicians continue to advocate it. * Canada's response to the conflict has been inadequate, with a focus on arms exports rather than stopping starvation and limiting Israel. * There is a pro-Israeli consensus in Canadian politics, driven by geopolitical factors, settler solidarity, lobbying organizations and historic Christian Zionism. Arms sales to Israel must be opposed, and arms sales permits must be more strictly regulated. * Canadian-registered charities play an important role in supporting the Israeli army, with a substantial amount raised and subsidized by taxpayers. * The indoctrination and recruitment of young Canadians to join the Israeli army is a matter of concern, particularly in Quebec where private schools are heavily subsidized by the state. * The lack of prosecution and investigation of Canadians fighting in Israel, despite laws prohibiting incitement to support or join another country's army. * Canada's charitable system is corrupt, with taxpayers subsidizing donations to support the Israeli army. * There are individuals and groups who openly encourage the genocide of Palestinians, and there is a need for prosecution and accountability. * Mass mobilization and activism have raised awareness and put pressure on the Canadian government, but more needs to be done. * Protests and demonstrations continue, with significant participation in Montreal and other cities across Canada. * Quebec's political class, including the CAQ and Québec Solidaire, has shown varying levels of support and criticism of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict / yvesengler / lamentaliteverte

Chapters 00:00 Introduction and outline 04:15 The situation in Palestine and genocide 08:27 Canada's role in supporting genocide 12:10 Canadian media complacency 14:20 Legal ramifications of supporting genocide 19:36 Role of Canadian media in facilitating genocide 26:01 Pro-Israeli consensus in Canadian politics 34:04 Arms exports and licensing 36 : 16 Role of registered charities 38:39 Endoctrination and recruitment 39:36 Lack of legal measures 41:20 Corruption in the charity system 42:33 Promotion of genocide 44:43 Canadians fighting in Israel 46:13 Confrontation with politicians 49:08 Mass mobilization and activism 52:16 Protests and demonstrations 58:20 Quebec political class

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