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This page will be updated as the campaign progresses and I plan to meet and exchange ideas with thousands of Green Party supporters thought this campaign!

I am proposing these ideas because I think that the Green Party of Canada needs to take a step forward by embracing the youth lead climate movement, the Green New Deal and by championing Social Justice, Anti Racism, Feminism and ecosocialism.

Although some will say that these ideas are “radical”, that they will cost too much or are simply unrealistic the reality is that we simply cannot afford to put off the fight against climate change. We need to completely revolutionize the way we consume, the way we travel and the way we measure social economic progress. The time to act for our environment is now. That is why I am proposing this bold set of policies that if implemented will transform Canada into a model for sustainability around the wold. It will enable us to be on the forefront of this tectonic shift in environmental practices around the world.

There is an increasing consensus in the environmental movement that the struggles for environmental protection and social justice are inharently linked and that we should approach these issues from an intersectional perspective. Although some will say that the Green Party of Canada should remain a one issue party the reality is that if we hope to form government one day people are going to want to know where we stand on all of the issues. If we want to succeed we will have to present the electorate with a comprehensive vision for the future of the country by doing so we can hope to earn the trust of many people. We cannot tell women, minorities, seniors and families that their struggles will have to wait while we work on the climate crisis. All of these struggles must move forward together and as a party we have to be cristal clear as to where we stand and how we will govern if elected.

Alex Tyrrell’s 2020 Ecosocialist Green New Deal For Canada

  • Launch a 10 year government lead WWII scale mobilization to transition to 100% renewable energy by making massive public investments in green technology while taking steps to rapidly reduce consumption of both energy and material goods
  • Offer a job guarantee to workers of all fossil fuel dependant industries that are decreased or shut down as a result of the transition to renewable energy. Create hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs in the implementation of green infrastructure.
  • Build publicly owned high speed electric rail linking all major cities in Canada and offer low cost fairs. Make massive investments in expanding local public transit and offer the service free for the people all while significantly reducing emissions, flights and the use of private vehicles. 
  • Create a series of new crown corporations that will produce equipment for the energy transition such as windmills, transit infrastructure, bio-methane equipment, geothermal, solar, insulation, eco energy efficiency retrofits and other key pieces of equipment and services that will be required for the transition
  • Increase taxes on the rich, big business, multinationals and resource extraction. Implement a financial transaction tax, a real-estate speculation tax, and a $200+ per tonne carbon tax. 
  • Implement UNDRIP and lift all indigenous people of Canada out of poverty by providing quality housing, education and healthcare. Recognize indigenous rights, title and sovereignty. Implement recommendations of MMIW and TRC commissions. Build bridges, fight racism and decolonize. 
  • Amend the constitution to include an environmental bill of rights that will guarantee access to clean air and water, healthy food, housing and to nature while guaranteeing the rights of First Nations, provinces and municipalities to block pipelines, mines and other development projects. 
  • Increase workers rights by facilitating access to unionization, collective bargaining and by increasing the minimum wage to $20 an hour within the first three years. 
  • Reduce imports from countries such as China, consume less plastic and make foreign policy decisions that are in line with our shared values of human rights, non violence and respect for diversity. 
  • Decrease military spending and reorient the military towards disaster relief, peacekeeping and search and rescue with a pacifist world view in which the military heavily reduces it’s combat oriented training and expenditures while taking proper care of veterans. 
  • Open our borders to a larger number or refugees fleeing climate induced disasters, violence or political persecution. Put an end to systemic inequality from an intersectional perspective, Fight racism and discrimination by facilitating cross cultural dialogues and exchanges while cracking down on hate speech, racism and white supremacy. 
  • Invest in education, research and development as well as universal health, dental and pharmacare so that everyone’s needs are met
  • Stimulate community engagement, counter loneliness, depression and isolation by investing in culture, music, community organizations, shared public spaces, public art, collective projects and by transitioning to a 32 hour work week within 5 years
  • Ensure food security and reduce emissions by transitioning away from industrial agriculture, pesticides, monocultures, decreasing consumption of animal products while supporting family farms, community supported agriculture and by ensuring that everyone has access to quality, organic and healthy foods regardless of socio-economic status. 
  • Mitigate environmental degradation and remove CO2 from the atmosphere by protecting and restoring wetlands, coastlines, green spaces and animal habitats while planting billions of trees and by ensuring that communities have the infrastructure required to face increasing occurrences of extreme weather. 
  • Complete government transparency, involving communities in decision making, participatory democracy, implement proportional representation and other democratic reforms.

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