I had often seen the oil refineries on the side of the highway, but I never stopped to see them up close. Many of us are unaware that there is a very large oil industry here in Montreal, close to several residential neighbourhoods.

This industry emits toxic emissions into the atmosphere very close to the city. As we pass by these refineries, we can detect the odours of propane, gasoline, and oil on the wind.
If we allow Line 9 to bring oil from the oil sands to these refineries they will only grow. What is very disturbing about all of this is that literally thousands of people live 24 hours a day in the smell of oil. These people cannot get away without medical consequences, especially not in the long term.
Workers, truck drivers, and companies in the sectors also have the same problem.
Satellite images of the sector show the extent of these facilities.

This refinery creates many jobs, but at what cost?

Let us stop line 9, end our dependence on oil, and let us build a better future free of these oil tankers.


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