The recent events at the Fukashima Diachi power plants in Japan are proof that this technology and its waste are not safe. In Quebec, we closed Gentilly-2, but the government is still trying to continue mining uranium north of Chibougamau at the Matosh project site.

The Matosh Project is strongly opposed by the Crees of the region. The Parti Québécois has imposed a temporary moratorium while an impact study is being conducted at the BAPE and has indicated that the project will be open following this study.

If we have made the decision to close your only power plant, and to get Quebec out of nuclear power, why are we trying to continue this industry simply in another form?

The example of the polarization of points of view between the Crees and the Mayor of Chibogamau, Manon Cyr, is obvious. During my visit to the natural resources fair last February in Montreal, I had the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with the Mayor of Chibogamau on the current situation with uranium exploration near her village.

For the mayor, the priorities are clear; economic growth comes first. Even though the Crees in the region are completely opposed to this project. It will proceed if provincial authorities give permission to do so.

This is a concrete example of a colonial attitude, complete domination, and a flagrant lack of respect for the First Nations of the region.

Quebec does not need the nuclear industry in all its forms, and together we will stop it!


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