I have just returned from my visit to the contaminated site of Reliance Equipment in Pointe-Claire.

On the site we saw the bins of toxic products as well as the contaminated soil.

In addition, a nearby contractor told us that the company had spilled the product inside the building before putting it outside the building because they could not stop the leak.

According to the neighbouring contractor, once the soils outside the site were contaminated, the company spread new soil over the contamination to hide the damage.

The same contractor’s wife became ill and was at risk of developing cancer at the age of 45. She would have worked not even 35 metres from the contamination for years.

The Ministry of the Environment is still in no hurry to get to the site, and security guards are wandering around the contaminated soil without protection.

A difficult day for Pointe-Claire residents.

Alex Tyrrell
Candidate for the leadership of the Green Party of Quebec


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