Here are 5 concrete actions we can take to take care of our seniors.

For far too long we have left the care of our seniors in the hands of the private sector. From one service to another, seniors find themselves lining the pockets of corporations just to get basic services such as drugs, long-term residential care and dental care are all left to the private market which works very well for the wealthy but leaves low-income seniors out in the cold.

To improve the quality of life for our seniors, I propose the following measures;

  1. A guaranteed minimum income that will allow us to lift all our seniors out of poverty now.
  2. Enhance the CHSLD network and make the quality of life as high as in private residences
  3. A universal and free public dental care system for everyone
  4. A Pharma-Québec program that introduced free prescription drugs.
  5. Introducing free public transportation

Solidarity with Quebec seniors,

Alex Tyrrell
Candidate for the leadership of the Green Party of Quebec



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