That’s great news!

The second BAPE on shale gas has just concluded that exploitation by hydraulic fracturing in the St. Lawrence Lowlands is not in the best interests of Quebec.

I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to participate in these public hearings, but we must remember that the report’s conclusions are only recommendations that are not in line with the ideology of the Couillard government. In fact, the government is still in favour of exploitation by hydraulic fracturing. The struggle continues…

Here is an excerpt from the report “In conclusion, because of the magnitude of the potential impacts associated with the activities of the shale gas industry in an environment as populated and sensitive as the St. Lawrence Lowlands, because of the uncertainties that remain regarding the potential impacts on the water quality of aquifers and the industry’s ability to preserve the integrity of wells over the very long term, the commission of inquiry is of the opinion that it has not been demonstrated that exploration and exploitation of shale gas in the St. Lawrence Lowlands using hydraulic fracturing technology would be beneficial to Quebec. »


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