The Concordian : The battle between the environment and the TransCanada pipelines


«On Feb. 9, the School of Community and Public affairs at Concordia held a panel addressing environmental concerns regarding Canada’s energy sector. The panel included Alex Tyrrell, leader for the Green Party of Quebec and a current Concordia environmental science student; Jen Gobby, the founder of Mud Girls, a natural building collective of women who use local, natural and recycled materials in the west coast of B.C.; and Kristian Gareau, a Concordia graduate student and member of Climate Justice Montreal.

Political science professor Daniel Salée opened the talk by presenting the arguments pro-pipeliners have shared. Pro-pipeline arguments claim the TransCanada pipeline is crucial to transport oil to refineries and markets across the country, insisting this model is the safest transportation system and that the pipelines will benefit the economy through creating jobs.

In contrast, many communities—including those living on Indigenous land—will be affected, and worry about the complications the community may face, including environmental damage.»

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