I am in Quebec superior court today in support of the Green Coalition and the Sierra Club Quebec’s injunction request to protect the “Technoparc” wetland; a habitat critical to the survival of several endangered species of birds.

In this case, the government of Quebec, the city of Montreal and the federal authorities have not fulfilled their responsibilities to protect our biodiversity. This has forced the environmental groups to request an injunction, at their expense in order to have the construction, which began last week, halted by the court.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec


Great coverage of our first day in Québec superior court where the Green Coalition is attempting to stop the destruction of a Montreal wetland that is home to several species of endangered birds.

All levels of governments have failed to protect this critical habitat.

Tomorrow mooring, the Green Coalition will be in court in order to request an immediate halt to the destruction of a wetland in the Montreal “Technopark”. This wetland is home to several species of endangered birds.

The process will begin at 9:30 on Friday morning in room 213 of the Palais de justice de Montreal. I will be present to support both the Green Coalition and the Sierra Club of Québec.

Read the injunction request here: http://bit.ly/2cwFW5S




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