From The Montreal Gazette 

One year and five days after Quebec Environment Minister David Heurtel ordered the work be done, the report has landed on his desk. It contains the analysis of soil near a building in Pointe-Claire, which illegally stored polychlorinated biphenyls for at least 15 years.

Tucked into the news release about the arrival of the report was Pointe-Claire Mayor Morris Trudeau’s announcement that the government has committed to testing soil on nearby residential properties, something residents had been demanding for four years, to no avail.

“It’s a step forward,” Green Party of Quebec leader Alex Tyrrell said.

Tyrrell has pushed hard to get the authorities to move on the analysis and rehabilitation of the property and environs since a toxic leak was first reported in 2013.

City workers detected an oily substance leaking near the former Reliance Power Equipment building on Hymus Blvd.

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