The Parti Vert du Québec denounces the upcoming expansion of the Canadian Malartic gold mine, which is likely to generate 10 times more noise than the BAPE recommends. Here is an issue where Philippe Couillard’s Liberal government is putting the private interests of a large company ahead of those of its citizens! (photo credit: Daniel Rompré)

We denounce this expansion project which takes no account of the rights and claims of the residents of the Town of Malartic. By giving its authorization, Quebec City is not respecting the recommendations of the Bureau d’audiences publiques en environnement (BAPE), Public Health and Judge Michel Beaubré (on the standards of 40 decibels at night and 45 decibels during the day). The upcoming expansion of the Canadian Malartic gold mine is likely to generate 10 times more noise than recommended by the BAPE.

The government’s decision to support Canadian Malartic is all the more absurd considering that the company has never paid any taxes and very few royalties while enjoying disproportionate benefits. Add to this the 171 or more notices for non-compliance with environmental legislation accumulated over the years by the mine.

The Green Partt of Quebec also denounces the expropriations and relocations that will be forced by this expansion. In ten years, activities surrounding the mine will have cost $46 million to move, expropriate and demolish several buildings. The permanent uncertainty that hangs over many Malartic residents regarding the future of their homes and their city, according to the wishes of private interests, has lasted long enough!

We also see in the Couillard government’s decision a way to harm the citizen’s movement that had filed a request for an injunction to force compliance with the first decree of 2009. Indeed, the new decree sets different conditions, which changes the situation.

The mining company and the provincial government must hear the citizens’ demands and apply the necessary measures to reduce the impact of blasting, the presence of dust and noise produced by the work. The development of the region must be done in harmony with citizen demands in order to create sustainable jobs, provide an excellent quality of life for residents and protect the environment.

The Green Party of Quebec wishes to support the citizens of Malatric in their collective action and their struggle to defend their city and their rights. The quality of life of the citizens of Malatric should be the priority of the State and not relegated to the ambitions and profits of a private company!


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