– Anniversary of the Quebec City Mosque Shooting –

A year ago today Muslim community of Québec city was the victim of a terrorist act that was carried out by a young man who was a supporter of right wing nationalism and identity groups.

This tragedy saddened Quebec, Canada and the world. Violence of this magnitude had almost never been seen before in Québec.

In the days following the attack, politicians of all parties expressed their regret for the tragedy, their compassion for the victims and their willingness to fight violence in our society. The political will was present, but unfortunately did not last a long time.

In the year following the shooting, the main opposition parties at the National Assembly continued their campaign of identity politics. They tried to divide us on the back of the Muslim community. They reiterated their opposition to the wearing of religious symbols while stating that they are listening to the demands of far right groups. They used migrants as political pawns, opposed a day against islamophobia and parted ways with their words of inclusiveness, « vivre ensemble » and progress.

This instrumentalisation of the Muslim community for political purposes is dangerous and must stop. This instrumentalisation is not limited to major political parties; it is present in the right-wing newspapers and is particlarly present on right wing Quebec City talk radio.

On this sad anniversary, our thoughts are with the victims and their families, but we also have a duty to fight together against Islamophobia, violence, extreme right-wing retoric and much stronger control of firearms.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec


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