– Let’s Talk Mental Health –

Today, many of us are talking about mental health because of an advertising campaign financed by the private sector.

In Quebec, many people simply do not have access to mental health care. Waiting lists are long, there are few professionals available and the Liberal government’s austerity measures have only made matters worse since they assumed office in 2014.

Mental Health is a human reality that is capable of affecting each and every one of us. We are all susceptible to pass through darker periods than others, anxiety disorders, depression, substance dependence and the list continues.

With austerity measures and shortages of resources, therapists are increasingly unavailable and more and more drugs are being prescribed. Although these medications are needed in some cases, some experts in the field state that medication too often used to cover up for the unavailability of psychosocial services.

In the face of this reality, where the provincial government chooses to voluntarily cut services, the responsibility for caring for vulnerable people resides with each and every one of us.

If you know a person who lives hard times, who could benefit from professional help or who simply needs to talk, do your part for society; reach out. Help them find help, because we cannot count on the province under the curent circumstances.

In Solidarity,

Alex Tyrrell
Head of the Quebec Green party


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