In the face of the recycling crisis, we must act!

This morning I visited the ecocentre of Saint-Michel, in Montreal, where tons of recycled materials continue to accumulate every day.

This situation is not unique. 27 other sorting centres in Quebec have the same conditions since China decided to close its borders to imports of recyclable materials by imposing demanding criteria.

So far 60 % of our recovered materials were mainly shipped to this country.

In the face of the severe crisis in the recycling industry in Quebec, it is necessary to take action and the financial means to face it.

The Minister of the environment, Isabelle Melançon, said last May that the quality of recycled materials is at the heart of the problem. However, no emergency grants or funds to help this crisis industry have yet been announced.

In Quebec, companies such as Kruger or Cascades, are ready to buy more recovered materials, but quality remains a significant obstacle to these companies.

The Green party of Quebec supports local recycling of waste materials as well as their reuse within the province in order to reduce GHG emissions due to transport while creating employment.

The Green party of Quebec supports subsidies aimed at stimulating the circular economy which is a major part of the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. We need to modernize and review the methods of recycling sorting centres in Quebec.

We also need to reduce our consumption and production of waste. It is by attacking the source the problem, that we will be able to oust it together!

The Government of Quebec must act now.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Québec



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