I will be on CBC Montreal News at 6:00 as well as Global News Montreal discussing the Green Party of Québec’s plan to ban single use coffee cups and replacing them with a deposit-return program.

Under our plan, all coffee shops would be forced to use a universal cup. People could therefore return the cups to any location. This plan protects the convenience of being able to spontaneously buy coffee without having to remember to bring your reusable cup from home.

Our goal is to eliminate all paper and plastic waste from the food and beverage industry by 2030. This program is a practical first step and the policy could be expanded to cover things like to-go containers, utensils, meat containers and packaging for food items used in grocery stores.

Eliminating single use paper and plastic does not have to be difficult or impact people’s life stiles. It’s a question of having the right systems in place to allow people to change their consomption profile with minimal impacts on their habits.

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

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