Today we announced our carbon tax policy for Quebec!

Our plan would establish the carbon tax at $200 per tonne in 2019 and increase it by $ 40 per tonne annually.

Our plan includes a compensation mechanism in order to ensure that families and people who live in rural communities are not penalised. Each resident of Quebec will receive a carbon tax exemption for a variable number of litres of gasoline per month. The magnatude of the exemption granted to each resident will be calculated according to the proximity of the person to public transport and their capacity to reduce their emissions. The carbon tax exemptions will be granted through a “Carbon Card” so that tax resident will revieve the rebate directly to the pump. Children will also be entitled to a certain number of literes per month exempt from the carbon tax.

This policy ensures that families with children and living in rural communities will be entitled to a large number of litres of gasoline exempt from carbon tax every month where as people who reside in large cities near public transport will be entitled to a smaller number of litres per month exempt from the tax.

The establishment of the carbon tax will also create an economic boom in the green technology sector. We expect $ 17 billion of direct revenues on gasoline aline in the first five years after implementation. There will also be additional revenue from industrial emissions.

These funds will be invested in the Quebec Green Fund and will be used for development of massive public transport projects. For example, the new REM train project is currently estimated at $ 6 billion. Imagine all projects that will be within reach if we give ourselves the financial tools necessary to combat climate change!

The Quebec Green party is the only political party in Quebec with an ambitious plan to achieve carbon neutrality and the commitments made by Canada under the Paris agreement by the year 2050.

Thank you to our candidates Elisabeth Dionne (Brome-Missisquoi), Patricia Pilon (Hull) and Christina Roos (Ungava) for taking part in today’s announcement.

In solidarity,

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec




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