Today marks the 13th anniversary of the Dawson College Shooting of 2006. On that day I was just minutes away from entering the cafeteria when a 25 year old isolated individual burst in with a semi automatic weapon and handgun and began firing on students killing 18 year old Anastasia DeSousa and and shooting 11 other people, two of which in the head.

Despite many calls for stricter gun control from survivors over the years, gun control is actually less restrictive now than it was then. More needs to be done.

In this federal election only the Green Party is standing for a ban of handguns and semi automatics. We need the support of both the Liberals and NDP to have a shot at making this happen once and for all.

On the provincial level the CAQ has maintained the gun registry but has not imposed fines on people who have failed to register. This needs to change as well.


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