– The deregulation of Quebec’s Taxi Industry is Racist –

Last night, during the federal leaders’ debate, the Quebec National Assembly passed Bill 17 to reform the taxi industry in Quebec. This bill will severely degrade the working conditions of taxi drivers.

By deregulating the number of vehicles on the roads, while abolishing special driver’s licences and annual vehicle inspections, the government is seeking to flood the streets with taxis. This will mean that drivers will have to drive much longer to pick up their customers. Drivers will have to work much longer hours if they have any chance of maintaining their current annual salary. The long hours spent looking for customers will significantly increase emissions.

The bill is racist because we all know that Quebec’s diversity is very well represented in the taxi industry. Behind the wheels of taxis, we can find people from all over the world. Often these people are highly educated in their countries of origin, but the government does not recognize their diplomas. They are largely immigrants, refugees and visible minorities. The deregulation and deterioration of working conditions in this industry is another example of systemic racism in Quebec and the ongoing racism of the Legault government.

The Green Party of Quebec will always fight against racism. Solidarity with taxi drivers!

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec


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