This week, the Quebec government tabled Bill 2, which, if passed without amendment, will severely limit the rights of transgender people to identify with the gender of their choice.

Bill 2 stipulates that the ID card of trans people will have two gender fields. One for gender identity and one for genitalia. Only those who have undergone surgery will be able to fully identify with the gender of their choice. People who, for example, were born female but became male without genital surgery will have to disclose this very private information to anyone who sees their ID card. This could be the police, border officials, doormen at nightclubs, etc.

The government claims that a Quebec Superior Court ruling forced it to make changes to the laws that would make Quebec one of the most oppressive provinces in the country on these issues. The Quebec government should appeal the ruling rather than take away essential rights from transgender people that will lead to violence and discrimination against this already venerable and marginalized group in our society.


Alex Tyrrell

Leader of the Green Party of Quebec



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