Today, I voted for Valérie Plante for mayor of Montreal. I decided to vote for Valérie Plante, Craig Sauvé, Benoit Dorais and Tan Shan Li and Projet Montréal because they are the most progressive team on the ballot. I encourage all Montrealers to vote for Projet Montréal candidates in this election!

While progress on housing, public transit, the environment and police reform has been slower than I had hoped when I enthusiastically supported Valerie Plante in 2017, the reality is that Denis Coderre and his party would lead us in the opposite direction. Valerie Plante has made slow but steady progress on important issues. She has built a strong team of candidates and offers a more progressive vision for the city’s future than her competitors. My hope is that the Plante administration and Projet Montréal Council will go beyond their election promises and make significant changes that will make Montréal a greener, more affordable and more inclusive city in the future.


Alex Tyrrell

Leader of the Green Party of Quebec



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