The importance of donating to the Green Party


If you follow our emails, you know that we rarely ask for money. We are fortunate in Quebec to have a public funding system for political parties which means that the vast majority of our funding comes from the per vote subsidy. However, people are able to contribute up to $100 per person per year or $200 if it’s an election year.

Each donation is more than tripled by the public financing system. This means that your $100 donation will mean that the party will receive $350!

With the continued degradation of the environment, extreme weather events, the ongoing pandemic, growing inequality, injustice both here and around the world there has never been a more important time for Green voices to be heard in our democracy.

The 2022 Quebec election is just around the corner and each and every donation will contribute to getting our message out, building our capacity and ensuring that everyone in Quebec has a Green Party candidate to vote for. Each donation will help us hire staff, place ads, coordinate logistics and train well meaning and enthusiastic volunteers to engage in the political process – a brand-new experience for many of them.

We would be honoured to be able to count on your financial support this year. If you are feeling generous, please consider donating $100 before midnight on December 31st and $200 on or after January 1st. We appreciate every donation and on behalf of the entire team at the Green Party of Quebec I would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.


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