Follow the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: 

This Commission has made 94 recommendations to improve relations with First Nations across the country. The Green Party of Quebec supports all of these recommendations and incorporates them, which will apply to the provincial jurisdiction, in a first mandate.

Territorial and Social Autonomy

The Green Party of Québec supports the self-determination of Aboriginal peoples. In terms of territorial management, First Nations should have the power to block development (or exploitation) projects on their ancestral lands. On the social front, Aboriginal people should have more control over social services, particularly to reduce the sending of Aboriginal children to non-Aboriginal foster families. In this sense, the agreement signed with the Atikamekw Nation is an example to follow. Furthermore, we consider that Aboriginal youth is the future of First Nations and that it is therefore necessary to increase the assistance and investments towards Aboriginal youth.

Women’s Rights 

The Green Party of Quebec is a feminist party. We note that equality is unfortunately still very far from being achieved in Quebec. For example, women are often paid less than men, they are more likely to be victims of domestic violence, to experience systemic oppression by the state, capitalism, masculinist culture and patriarchy. While the challenges are many, the Green Party of Quebec proposes to take the following actions now:

  • Ban street harassment
  • Fight against sexual assault and rape culture
  • Decriminalize and legally regulate prostitution in Quebec
  • Supporting survivors of sexual assault and harassment and repressing violence against women
  • Fight for the growth of women in traditionally male workplaces by adapting the
  • Labour Code to prohibit harassment and unequal treatment of these women
  • Fight against the hypersexualization of young girls by prohibiting their sexualization in advertising campaigns in Quebec.
  • Achieve equal pay for equal work
  • Achieve parity among our elected officials by introducing a proportional voting system, with quotas for women candidates to be implemented progressively over a period of two general elections.

Early Childhood Centre (ECC)

Considering that the family burden most often falls on women, we believe that it is essential to increase access to daycare centers and thus allow them to have the best possible chance of entering the workforce. Therefore, the Green Party of Quebec supports the idea of a massive reinvestment in the public child care system. In addition to providing equal opportunities, daycare centers have given thousands of women access to the job market, stimulating the economy at the same time.

The Green Party of Quebec proposes :

  • Free quality child care for all families.
  • Increasing salaries would allow for the revaluation of jobs in the CPE network, which is suffering from a lack of manpower.
  • Improved working conditions.
  • Improved services for children. Accessibility of childcare services is a priority for the Green Party. Increased budgets would improve access to services for children with special needs.

Rights of LGBTQIA2+ people 

We propose a reform of sex education courses, which in addition to being introduced in high school, should better reflect the reality of gender and sexual minorities. We support the implementation of support groups for gender and sexual diversity students in all schools as well as gender neutral bathrooms. Youth is the future of Quebec, and we must fully support it and strive for its development.

Concerning adoption and parenthood, we consider that homosexual couples must have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

We consider cultural and ethnic diversity to be a strength for Quebec. The Green Party of Quebec therefore supports increasing the annual immigration threshold by 20% to approximately 60,000 per year, in order to stimulate the economy, reunite families and allow immigrants to contribute more to Quebec society. We are in favour of a faster and fairer recognition of diplomas obtained abroad in order to allow a better economic and social integration of new immigrants.

Public Safety 

The protests that took place around the world following the death of George Floyd in the United States highlighted the police brutality, discrimination and systemic racism that have plagued our societies for too long. All too often, politicians respond to these tragedies by giving more money to police forces. This strategy has failed. Police officers are becoming more and more numerous and social services more and more difficult to find. The best way to fight crime and discrimination is to ensure that our society is educated, prosperous, fair and healthy. This starts with a strategy that focuses on prevention. The Green Party of Quebec believes in

  • Reduce the police budget by 50% while investing this money in social programs.
  • increase training for police officers, special constables and transit inspectors
  • progressively disarm police officers on patrol
  • promote a de-escalation and peaceful resolution approach
  • treat substance abuse as a public health issue through a non-criminal approach
  • body cameras on police officers
  • promote the rehabilitation of education in prisons

Conditions of detention

Rehabilitation requires safe and humane conditions of detention as well as access to education, psychotherapy and other activities that promote the reintegration of prisoners into society. The Green Party of Quebec is committed to improving conditions of detention in Quebec and ensuring adequate conditions for all.


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