Hailey Roop, candidate in Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques


Hailey Roop entered politics at the age of 21 to improve social services and reduce Quebec’s environmental footprint with green policies. While studying environmental studies at Dawson College, she was able to demonstrate her academic and activist commitment. Then, it was through an internship at Global Green News that she was able to get involved in environmental activism and become familiar with the issues of Quebec politics. Afterwards, she continued her studies at McGill University to deepen her knowledge in economics and environment, a degree that she is currently obtaining. Through her studies at McGill, she also advocated for the divestment of her university in fossil fuels.

A strong eco-socialist, Hailey wants to implement policies that allow ordinary citizens to own their own homes while protecting the environment through free public transportation and improving the quality of health care in Quebec. As a candidate in the borough of Sainte-Marie Saint-Jacques, she wants to create broad changes in waste management and adopt a better waste recycling service to reduce everyone’s environmental footprint but also reduce the use of single-use plastics.

In her spare time, Hailey enjoys environmental activism and biking to explore Quebec. For Ms. Roop, every vote cast on behalf of the Green Party of Quebec demonstrates that our ideas resonate with the public, help us gain traction in the public debate, and contribute to the funding of the Green Party through the per-vote grant. For all these reasons (and more), Hailey Roop would be honoured to have your support in the 2022 Quebec general election. Every vote counts!


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