The GPQ presents Pierre Cyr his candidate in Pontiac


The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, spoke on August 13 to introduce Pierre Cyr, the official Green Party candidate for the 2022 provincial election, in the Pontiac riding. Together, they took a public stand on an important issue in the region, namely the need for a waste diversion center in the Pontiac riding. Currently, all the waste in the region is sent to Lachute. The economic and social benefits of a waste treatment center in the MRC are clear to the Green Party of Quebec. It is time to find an ultimate regional solution to recover or dispose of waste locally.

Pierre Cyr mentioned that he chose the Green Party of Quebec because he would like to see a whole new system put in place: “I would like to put forward a system that better distributes wealth, a system that allows free public transportation for urban areas, like here. This would make a difference. It would be beneficial for everyone.”

The candidate in Pontiac also invited his fellow citizens in the riding to elect him as the first Green deputy: “I invite the people of Pontiac to take up the challenge of electing the first Green Party deputy in Quebec in the history of Quebec, I think we have a beautiful riding that lends itself very well to the program of the Green Party and it could be a good starting point for the party. It is high time that the Greens became part of the political landscape in Quebec.”


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