The GPQ presents Shameem Jauffur as candidate in the riding of Marquette


The Quebec Green Party Leader Alex Tyrrell spoke on Thursday to introduce Shameem Jauffur as the Green Party’s official candidate for the 2022 general election in the riding of Marquette. Together, they took a public stand on the whole issue of systemic racism, social and economic inequities, and racial profiling. The Green Party of Quebec recognizes that systemic racism is a real issue in Quebec that needs to be addressed in the next election.

At this event, Alex Tyrrell and his candidate spoke about systemic racism and the social and economic inequalities that occur here in Quebec. While Quebec society is an open-minded and welcoming society for minorities, the fact remains that there are racist people in Quebec who sometimes hold positions of authority over others. In light of this reality, the Green Party of Quebec believes that it is essential for our society to take action against everyday and systemic racism, so that all Quebecers can participate fully in our society, enjoy the same opportunities as the majority and live together without discrimination. The Green Party of Quebec is part of an eco-socialist vision, very concerned about social inequalities and the need to build a more just and equitable society. Among other things, the PVQ proposes to hold a commission of inquiry into systemic racism in Quebec. “At the Green Party of Quebec, we want to unite the entire population behind a project for an eco-socialist society for a rapid energy transition, for greater social equality, for a social safety net in which no one is left out. We must do this all together by uniting people and not by creating gaps between different groups. Living together is the strength of Quebec, diversity is the strength of Quebec. The Green Party of Quebec is the voice for inclusion and for an inclusive Quebec,” said party leader Alex Tyrrell.


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