Economic Justice: Alex Tyrrell presents the demands of the GPQ with his candidate in Robert-Baldwin


The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, spoke in Montreal on Sunday, August 28, to introduce David MacFarquhar, the Green Party’s official candidate for the 2022 provincial election, in the riding of Robert-Baldwin. Together, they took a public stand on an issue that is important to the PVQ, namely the whole question of economic justice and equality. The Green Party of Quebec is committed to an eco-socialist vision, which involves protecting the environment while providing quality public services to the population. The PVQ is very concerned about social inequalities and the need to build a more just and equitable society.

The party’s leader, Alex Tyrrell, took the opportunity to present the party’s proposals and demands for economic justice. At a time when galloping inflation is affecting everyone’s budget, the Green Party of Quebec proposes to help ordinary people where they need it most: in their transportation, housing and food costs. The Green Party of Quebec also supports a rapid increase in the minimum wage to $20/hour by the spring of 2023. This increase in the minimum wage will be combined with changes to the Labour Code, which will prohibit employers from cutting benefits (coffee breaks, insurance, etc.) to counter the increase in the minimum wage. The minimum wage will also be indexed to inflation.

In addition to increasing the minimum wage, the DMP proposes to introduce a guaranteed minimum income of $1800 per month to lift all Quebecers out of poverty. This amount will be increased for people with illnesses or physical or mental disabilities. This program will eventually replace the social assistance program. All residents will be eligible without condition. There will also be a work exemption of $600 per month to allow people to work part-time without compromising their access to the program.


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