The Green Party denounces the destruction of farmland in Longueuil


The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, as well as Vincent Aquin-Belleau, candidate in Marie-Victorin, spoke this Monday in Longueuil about the project to build two seedling factories on farmland near the St-Hubert airport. This construction in Longueuil of this vertical farm of Goodleaf will lead to the loss of soils with excellent agricultural potential.

The Goodleaf company wishes to create a vertical greenhouse project on farmland on the border between Longueuil and Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. Although the project seems interesting and a nice initiative, the Green Party of Quebec believes that it should not be done on very good quality farmland. The PVQ wants to promote local agriculture near the consumer centers, but when they went directly to the site, the party representatives found that the agricultural field was completely invaded by trucking logistics companies and all sorts of other things that are trashing the agricultural land.

The Green Party of Quebec supports a moratorium on the dezoning of farmland in both rural and urban areas. The development of these lands is an essential pillar of local food and energy transition. We cannot afford to sacrifice farmland for real estate projects and private interests.


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