The Green Party of Quebec and its values

The Green Party of Quebec is a left-wing provincial party that defines itself as federalist, eco-socialist, feminist and inclusive. We defend the environment on a daily basis and seek to reduce social inequalities.

Why should you run?

Whether it’s to gain original work experience, cultivate your self-confidence or fight for your beliefs: the opportunity to become a candidate is available now with us!

What are webinars?

The purpose of the information sessions is to answer your questions about the process of a provincial election campaign and the different ways you can participate actively in the democratic life of Quebec. During the session we will go over the different stages of a campaign and then we will be able to answer your questions at the end of the session.

How do I register?

We invite you to register using the form on the right hand side of the page. Once you have registered, we will send you an invitation to the Zoom Room on the date you have chosen.

For more information please consult this information guide.