Sign the Petition – Francois Legault: Abandon Your Attack on English CEGEPs!

Whereas Quebec’s Bill 96 will severely limit access to English-language CEGEPs for decades to come.

Whereas many Francophones choose to attend English-language post-secondary institutions to develop their second language skills and limiting access to post-secondary education is not a viable way to protect the French language.

Whereas in an increasingly globalized world, it is increasingly important to speak two or more languages, learning a second language should be encouraged by the Ministry of Education rather than discouraged and prohibited.

Students should have the right to choose their language of instruction for post-secondary education, especially since Bill 101 has already forced many students to attend French-language elementary and secondary schools.

We call on the Legault government to scrap all provisions of Bill 96 that limit access to English-language CEGEPS in Quebec.