The GPQ presents Bourama Keita, candidate in Camille-Laurin


The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell, spoke this Monday, August 15, in Montreal, to introduce the candidacy of Bourama Keita, official candidate of the Green Party for the 2022 provincial elections, in the riding of Camille-Laurin (formerly Bourget). Together, they took a public stand on the whole issue of public transit in the Montreal area, including the PVQ’s position on free transportation and the extension of the green line to the North-East of the island.

Alex Tyrrell, accompanied by his candidate, spoke about the PVQ’s position on public transit. A green government wants to improve the quality of transportation and facilitate daily travel. Currently, some areas of the city of Montreal are under-served and require massive investments to connect their populations to the downtown core. The Green Party of Quebec is calling for an improvement in the quality of transportation, combined with free fares, to facilitate daily travel and encourage people to use public transportation.” For us in the Green Party of Quebec, public transportation is very important. That is why we want to extend the Green Line to the North-East of Montreal,” said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the party.

The Green Party of Quebec proposes to make public transit faster, more comfortable, efficient and affordable than private cars. To achieve this, the party propose a massive expansion of the network combined with free fares. Free public transit will be an important financial lever to increase ridership. This increase in ridership will allow transit agencies to increase the frequency of service, thereby improving the speed and efficiency of service. This shift to public transit will benefit all Quebecers, who will be able to breathe clean air, waste less time in traffic jams, save on expenses related to the purchase and maintenance of a vehicle, while doing their part in the fight against climate change.


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