Community Greenhouse Project

The Green Party of Quebec is proposing to address the problems of imported food by building a vast network of urban and rural public greenhouses powered by hydro-electricity. These greenhouses will be built by Hydro-Quebec through a new subsidy program before being handed over to local communities in every neighbourhood in Quebec.

Supporting Organic Agriculture 

The Green Party of Quebec supports significant subsidies for the production and consumption of certified organic food. These investments of $1 billion per year will be concentrated around educational programs and hundreds of millions of dollars in financial assistance to farmers to assist in the transition to organic agriculture across Quebec.

 Banning the use of pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers 

The Green Party of Quebec supports the banning of all pesticides (and herbicides) and nitrous oxide fertilizers (fertilizers that produce a lot of greenhouse gases) on our territory by the year 2026. This ban will apply to both agriculture and urban centers.

Reducing consumption of animal products and by-products 

Scientific advice is clear; reducing the consumption of meat and animal products is an effective way to reduce our GHGs and fight climate change. For this reason, the Green Party of Quebec supports the implementation of a 50% reduction target for animal products by 2034, combined with a series of innovative measures to help citizens make the change and reduce the demand for these products.

Farm Animals 

The Green Party of Quebec believes that a set of regulations aimed at alleviating the suffering and stopping the abuse of farm animals must be implemented.

Enforcement and compliance 

A green government would establish a Ministry of Animal Affairs to ensure that animal welfare laws are implemented, developed, enforced and complied with. This ministry would work with the SPCAs and inspectors to effectively enforce provincial laws.

Domestic pets 

We must act on the serious problem of pet overpopulation which leads to the euthanasia of pets every year.

We wish to ban the sale of overpopulated animals (cats, dogs and certain rodents) in pet stores and put an end to the breeding of these animals. On the other hand, we encourage the adoption of animals from shelters in pet stores, as well as responsible adoption from shelters and ethical breeders. Only small-scale breeding will be permitted, i.e., small family or non-profit breeding operations that are not for profit and that generate a small number of animals.

Breed bans 

The Green Party of Quebec denounces the laws banning certain breeds of dogs in Quebec. We believe that these regulations are completely illogical, discriminatory, unenforceable, and demonstrate the profound shortcomings of the political class in the area of animal rights and animal abuse. As dog breeds are difficult to identify, even by experts, and cross-breeding makes the task even more difficult, it will be impossible to enforce the law accurately. In addition, the Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, among others, have already spoken out against legislation for certain breeds.

Animals raised or trapped for their fur 

The Green Party opposes the farming of animals for fur. This industry is responsible for the death and suffering of millions of foxes, coyotes, rabbits, minks and others.

Animal testing 

The Green Party of Quebec advocates a ban on animal testing for commercial purposes (such as makeup). In addition, the Green Party of Quebec proposes a strict framework and enforcement of regulations governing animal testing in the medical and scientific fields. Since these animals are excluded from the protections of the Animal Welfare and Safety Act, practices are currently left to self-regulation.

The Green Party platform aims to:

Encourage the phasing out of animal use in the industry and the development of new methods that do not involve animals.
Mandate MAPAQ officials to conduct thorough inspections not only while laboratories are empty or unused, but also while tests are being conducted on animals. They should produce detailed public reports to ensure transparency and report on the condition of the animals before, during and after testing.

Animals in Entertainment 

The entertainment industry should not require wild animals to perform for human entertainment. The use of animals for entertainment must be reduced and eventually banned.


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